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Speech Therapy

Are you looking for a speech therapy practice for yourself or your child, for a relation?

In our attractive practice in Berlin Schöneberg right next to Viktoria-Louise-Platz we treat people of all ages, with all types of diction, speech and/or voice problems. We can also help with difficulties both in English and in German. You would be the focus of our therapy. We would try to help you as quickly as possible to find your way back to a healthy voice and to feel secure when speaking.

The therapy for each patient begins with a detailed examination and a precise description of the therapy we recommend. During the therapy we remain in close contact with parents, your doctor, or the kindergarten, school or care personnel of our patient. In this way, working together with you, we reach our goal of helping you as quickly and successfully as possible.

We look forward to your visit.

„The voice and its resonance, the sounds that one hears, are specific characteristics of a person. We can be recognized by our voice. The voice mirrors our personality and reflects our existence at a precise moment and in a precise situation.”


Our Address:

Motzstraße 65a
10777 Berlin
(next to Viktoria-Louise-Platz)

Phone: 030 / 85614977